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Working Together for Our Community

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Meet the 2019 Slate of Harwinton’s Hometown Team

First Selectman – Michael Criss

Duties: The Annual Report lists a yearlong review of the present first selectman’s activities. Copies available at the library or town hall.

Board of Selectmen – Evan Brunetti

Duties: The basic function of the Board of Selectmen consists of calling town meetings, proposing budgets to Town Meeting, setting public policy, calling elections, licensing, appointing and supervising department heads and employees, setting certain fees, overseeing certain volunteer and appointed bodies, and creating basic regulations. *Source: Town Website

Board of Finance – Tim Bobroske and Charles Casella

Duties include the review and recommendation of the annual
town budget, audits and to act on other fiscal matters pertaining to the
town.  The Board of Finance is also in charge of setting the Mill Rate and funding expenditures.
*Source: Town Website

Board of Assessment Appeals – Terrence Ferrarotti

Board of Assessment Appeals Alternate – Tamara Barry

Duties: real estate and personal property appeals.
Appeals must be in the Assessor’s office by February 20. The
meeting in September is for motor vehicle appeals.
*Source: Town Website

Planning Commission – Christopher Ravlin and William Hall

Duties: Oversees adherence to the Subdivision Regulations.
These Regulations apply to subdivisions and re-subdivisions of land
within the Town of Harwinton.
No subdivision or re-subdivision of land shall be made by any person,
firm or corporation until an application for such subdivision or re-subdivision has been submitted to and approved by the Planning
Commission and a map thereof has been endorsed by the
Commission and approved and filed by the applicant in the office of
the Harwinton Town Clerk. *Source: Town Website

Zoning Commission – Daniel Thurston and Michelle Rewenko

Zoning Commission Alternate – Theodore Root and Don Truskauskas

Duties: Oversee new construction or alter current structures on  property within Harwinton. For more information please see the Zoning Regulations.

Zoning Board of Appeals – Theodore Root Jr.

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate – Pamela Root

The Harwinton Zoning Board of Appeals, among other duties,
holds public hearings to determine and vary the application of the
zoning bylaws, ordinances or regulations in harmony with their generalpurpose and intent and with due consideration for public health, safety, welfare, and property values, where, owing to conditions especially affecting a parcel of land but not affecting generally the district or zone in which it is situated, a literal enforcement of such bylaws, ordinances or regulations would result in exceptional and unusual hardship.  See Town site for more information.


Board of Education – John Vecchitto and Scott Ragaglia

The main function of the Board of Education is to adopt goals and policies that meet state requirements and reflect community needs. They also work on the budgeting for the school system in Region 10.

Food and Fuel Drive for the Residents of Harwinton February 27th 7PM

The Harwinton Republican Town Committee (RTC) is happy to help out our neighbors in need.

7PM On Wednesday, February 27th we will be holding our monthly committee meeting and gathering food and monetary donations for the fuel assistance program. We will be meeting in the town Library, which can be found at 80 Bentley Drive Harwinton CT 06791

We are looking to introduce people to what the Republican Town Committee does. We encourage you to come out if you have ever wondered how the town political structure works. Maybe you are interested in holding a position that is coming up for election this fall. Perhaps you could lend a helping hand at the other events that we hold. Or maybe you just want to know how to be involved and attend an event. What ever your interest level, stop in, drop off food or a check for our neighbors in need, or if you are in need, find out more about the programs.

We would love to see you. As Harwinton Town Chair, I only moved here in 2010 and have so many people yet to meet. I would love to meet you!

Working Together for Our Community
Working Together for Our Community

The Eve of the 2018 Midterm Elections

The polls open in less then 12 hours at the time of writing this post.  I will be there, waiting patiently for all the voters to stream by the tent and say, “Hi”.  I will also be hopeful that folks will vote against higher taxes in CT, which means a vote for Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley.  I am just putting up this web page so that folks can find us and have an easy way to get involved.  I hope it works.  If you are here reading this, then it has.  🙂

If you are here in Harwinton, I look forward to meeting you between 6AM & 6PM tomorrow. The polls don’t close until 8PM.  Throughout the day you will get to see other folks at the tent, I just don’t have a time table for all of them.  Some of the cast of characters will be Janet Russo, Mike Criss our 1st selectman, Pam Root, John Piscopo our current State Rep, Henri Martin our current State Senator, Chris Ravlin, and other folks from Harwinton.  Stop in and say hi, let me know you saw this post.

See you in the morning – Brooke