Welcome to the NEW Harwinton Republican Town Committee page.  If you are looking to help out we are happy to have you here.  If you are looking for more information, we are working on that.

The Harwinton Republican Town Committee (aka HRTC) is a volunteer organization that helps find qualified candidates to run for office locally.  We then work to support the candidates.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with a myriad of things.

Are you a news junkie and would love to help update our blog? Do you like talking to folks? Do you just want to know more about what is happening in town? We could use folks in all those capacities and more.

Our belief is that many hands make for light work.  If you are willing to put in for a few hours a year or a few days, you can make a difference.  We look forward to working with and serving you.


Paid for by the Harwinton Republican Town Committee, Janet Russo – Treasurer