The Harwinton Republican & Democratic Town Committees are sponsoring a Town Food Pantry Drive for Election Day, Tuesday November 5th. This food drive is being announced on the “Get Out To Vote” Flyers both parties are sending.  We hope that you will be inspired to make your vote count and help a neighbor in need.  Please bring your donations with you when you vote.

If you are a neighbor in need please follow this link to the food pantry for more information.

Here is a partial list of most needed items:

Pasta and sauce, salad dressings, crackers, chips, cereals, pop tarts, granola bars, canned meats: Tuna, Chicken, beef, spam, baked beans, coffee, cookies, juices, condiments

We look forward to seeing you on elections day!

Need information on the people you are voting for, click the “previous post” below and you will see the list of candidates and their positions.